MSK seminar with Andrew Davidson (22.06.15)

Last Monday we held our MSK preparation seminar in the City Temple – thanks to all those of you who made it, we thoroughly enjoyed it! Andrew went into extra time discussing our best interview tips, interview questions and answers and making sure you guys were all set for your interview and future MSK post. The lovely Chloe Edwards was also there taking pictures that you can see on our facebook page.


From the feedback we collected it seems you guys found it really useful and informative! Our interview packs seemed to be a success too. Some of you told us that you’d like allocated time at the end of the seminar where you can ask questions more freely and maybe practise some interview questions and answers. So we’ll try it out next time: we’ll have an extra 20 minutes at the end of the next seminar where those of you who want to will be able to practise and discuss what was talked about.

We hope you guys can enjoy the holidays and good luck to those revising for exams or going on summer placements! Our next seminar will be our Neuro seminar with Joe Steel, our specialist Neuro physio, on the 3rd of August. Same time, same place (19:00, The Gallery Room, City Temple Conference Centre). Grab your ticket here



 About the speaker

Andrew Davidson       

Andrew is a Senior Physiotherapist based in East London. He primarily specialises in the management of chronic musculoskeletal pain but also works in research, particularly the management of tendinopathies. He has presented his work to a number of conferences around the UK and as a result has built up an extensive network of contacts he has made available to QualifiedPhysio. Andrew also runs our MSK seminar and has contributed to the writing of our MSK interview pack.


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