Ask Karen! Live Facebook Q&A Session with Karen Middleton, CEO of the CSP - A guest blog post by Joshua Asquith

by Joshua Asquith


It's always a pleasure to share our blog with like-minded people, especially when it's for a great cause. Josh is a 3rd year student physio with great ideas and he's here to promote the Facebook live interview he will be hosting this month with Karen Middleton, the CEO of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Josh will be taking your questions to Karen during the interview - a great chance to get your voices heard straight to the top! You can leave your questions in a comment below, email/inbox them to us or use the Twitter and Facebook hashtags #AskKarenCSP.


M y name is Joshua Asquith, I am a 3rd year student physiotherapist from Manchester Metropolitan University. I am doing a live Facebook Q&A with Karen Middleton, the CEO of the CSP, on the 11th April (12pm to 1pm).

The decision to do this came about after my time at this year’s Annual Representatives Conference (ARC). After spending two days at this year’s conference, I felt as though the atmosphere in the room was one of a strong reluctance to avoid any form of change. Further to this I felt as though this view was the one held by some of the people with the loudest voice. Being somebody with a strong interest in effective digital marketing (you could call me a hobbyist) I believe that the failure to evolve in direction is the failure to survive.

Feeling this way, I spoke to Karen over coffee and she was very interested in my views, she did not agree with all of them but the conversation about the direction of the CSP would be valuable to many of its members (at least I felt). As well as this, having spoken to many physiotherapists at conferences and on placements I noticed a common theme of ‘what’s the point of the CSP?, What does the CSP even do for me?, It’s pretty expensive and all I get is Frontline’.

During the intervals of the second day of ARC I found myself reflecting on the above, (the general delusion, do people share my view?, my conversation with Karen) so I approached her again. I told her of my interest in social and digital marketing and of the value of interaction I had found in live video. I feel this could be be a great platform to voice/represent members of the CSP who normally feel voiceless via the means of a live interview where people can respond to the content. We decided it would potentially be good a beneficial conversation, both for the organisation and us practitioners/members.

A facebook live interview ticks all of the above boxes - Karen agreed to do this interview and since I have been working with the CSP press team to make this happen. The agreed date and time are:


Date: Tuesday 11th April

Time: 12 – 1

Where: PhysioLocker Facebook group