QP Interview & Career Preparation Workshop

Qualified Physio workshop

Insider tips anyone?

This is our flagship workshop on interview and career preparation for students and newly graduates. This workshop evolves constantly as we search for new and innovative ways to prepare our physios for their first qualified positions. You’ll learn about strategies to successfully transition between university and employment, and get a feel of what job interviews are like (and how to nail them first time!).

Interviews don't have to be scary.

We'll go over a series of real, recent interview questions and their answers and show you what the interviewers are really looking for. We'll go through each areas of physio, from MSK to Neuro, Community to Ortho and even practise a bit! The workshop also provides the opportunity to discuss new research and current issues for each area.

Qualified Physio workshop

Get a clear view of what's ahead of you.

Planning your career can be confusing! What area to go into? What to prioritise? Clinical experience or further study? What CPD and how to make the most of it? How to best equip yourself on the learning journey ahead of you? Let our physios shed some light on all of this!

Our years of experience as physiotherapists, interview pannel members and as supervisors will allow us to provide tailored, individualised career guidance so you can select the right path to your dream career!

Qualified Physio workshop

We'll tailor this workshop to you.

This workshop is a great add-on to any conference or student fair. We can allow time to discuss key topics around the conference theme and how they affect our clinical practice as physiotherapists on the frontline.

Physiotherapists all over the UK face different challenges and not one career will be the same. Using our experience with students and physios from all backgrounds as well as our team's skillset and clinical practice in all areas, we can tailor this workshop to you, your university or your trust.

Qualified Physio workshop

"It was really good that I got to practise with people who had been on an interview panel beforehand and it just helped increase my confidence overall. Their advice was also individually tailored to my needs. I feel without them I would never have been offered a job on my 1st attempt."


Benester Kambarami

"The workshop was an excellent event, it was hosted by physiotherapists practicing in interesting areas of the profession, each speaker made a valuable contribution. The evening had a direct influence on a forthcoming interview. I used the info provided to focus on likely questions/scenarios and practice answering them. At the end of the evening the hosts were happy to answer questions on a one to one basis and provide specific advice. I mentioned the event at my interview and it turned out the panel knew the organisers. I recommend QualifiedPhysio"

Andrew Dumbleton


The standard worshop is 3 hours. However, we also run a condensed version for events and conferences, which varies betwen 45mins to an hour.  

Speakers will be members of our team (find out more on our About Us page). We also invite guest speakers from time to time to discuss new, exciting topics and areas.

The dates and locations of our next workshops appear on this page. Sometimes there won't be a date as we also run private workshops in universities, clinics and hospitals that are not publicly available. Don't hesitate to email us at hello@qualifiedphysio.co.uk if you would like us to come and run a workshop at your place!