HCPC / EPC registration service

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We will check all elements form your HCPC registration against gold standards. Our team will make sure you have all you need to ensure a smooth registration and, when possible, avoid any delay, further training requirements or adaptation period. We will recommend and help you write changes before sending out your application. When required, we will help you select the right CPD activities to do to add to your portfolio.

This service can be done before sending your EPC/HCPC application for the first time, or after you have received the first decision letter from the HCPC requesting Further Information.

Your mentor will always try to work within the deadlines provided by the HCPC. The whole process can take several weeks however, depending on the information that you already have, and how much rewriting / retraining there is to do on your end. The HCPC will often ask you to submit evidence that you meet certain standards of proficiency. Some standards will be easier to produce evidence for than others. If your application needs to be sent / returned in less than 3 weeks, we will need to prioritise it (select the "priority" option below).

The first step would be to schedule a call with our team, so we can find out a bit more about your background and where we can help. Don't hesitate to email us or reach out to us on our social media channels to schedule this call.

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