QP for organisations


How we've been working with clinics and organisations


Help organisations increase brand awareness and recruitment  


We have linked physiotherapists looking for jobs with clinics looking for staff through several events including seminars and conferences and have helped organisations increase their brand awareness towards individuals - ultimately improving the quality of their recruitment. We offer a range of sponsorship opportunities for our events which can be tailored to your organisation needs, and you can also benefit from our social media expertise to help increase your profile in the community.



Help organisations improve efficiency and outcomes 


Our passion for departmental data, statistics and other outcome reporting techniques, has allowed us to set up a consulting service and work collaboratively with departments and clinics of London to find innovative ways to improve and measure their outcomes. We focus on three areas: better patient reported outcome measures (PROMS), better staff retention & staff morale, and more efficient services. We have been working with large and small providers, both in the NHS and in private, and in a very wide range of areas.



The problems we've identified


The constant pressure placed on clinics and organisations to produce better outcomes with less resources

Insight: The current healthcare climate puts clinics and organisations under pressure to produce better outcomes, less patient complaints and more efficient services. It can be difficult for organisations to identify areas of improvement and have enough staff to lead change.

Opportunities: Working in collaboration with organisations and providers, to identify areas of improvement, and increase effectiveness of their services. Providing a tailored service and support organisation to run audits, collect PROMS, train staff, produce research and reports in line with gold standards - ultimately improving their staff and patient experience.


Insight:The lack of understanding of the options available to physios to kick-start their career

Insight: Physios in junior positions often end up in jobs they have applied to “by default” without being aware of all options available to them, either on graduation or a few years down the line. At this stage, it can be difficult for organisations to increase brand awareness, recruit and retain staff. Junior physios’ motivation then drops when they find themselves in positions with reduced career progression or specialisation opportunities, or not in line with their career goals.

Opportunities: Working in collaboration with organisations and providers, universities, students and HCPs, to increase awareness of the range of career options available to newly grads and junior physios. Helping organisations create interactive discussion, increasing recruitment opportunities and staff retention.


The current confusion about CPD training resulting in resources being wasted both by individuals and organisations

Insight: Expensive courses run by “experts” and the common opinion that “the more the better” result in resources being wasted both by individuals and organisations. Individuals, especially newly qualified physios, waste money on courses they don’t have the clinical reasoning to assimilate. Organisations waste resources on training which could be delivered at more affordable price, or that is not tailored to their staff. Lastly, rarely is the effectiveness of CPD training monitored, and investment therefore cannot be effective.

Opportunities: Working in collaboration with organisations to provide affordable, targeted CPD and other training opportunities, appropriate to each band or level of experience, addressing current needs identified in the work place. Helping organisations monitor effectiveness of CPD to make sure investment remains effective.


The lack of “sense of community” and enjoyable working environments in the physio and healthcare industry

Insight: Motivated physios wanting to drive the profession forward and work in stimulating, enjoyable environments, often get their ideas stifled by an industry still very reluctant to change and dealing with constant financial pressures. Most events, courses and seminars forget the fun-element there is in bringing people with shared interest together and the opportunities that come with it. This results in CPD often seen as “boring” or “dry”, when it could be fun and profitable.

Opportunities: In more enjoyable, less-formal environments, ideas are better shared, participation is increased and networking is facilitated; this sets the scene for many collaboration and business opportunities to take place between individuals and organisations from the healthcare industry but also the wider community.




Our solutions


Helping hand

Benefits for organisations

Better efficiency. Identify areas of improvement for efficiency, both with staff and patient experience. Help implementing measures to improve efficiency, and monitor efficiency over set periods to ensure return on investment.

Better patient reported outcome measures. Collecting patient feedback and identifying themes for areas of improvement. Produce reports and action plans to improve PROMS over a set period of time. Support organisations in training staff according to needs.

Better staff retention & morale. Collect feedback and help organisations identify ways to improve staff morale and retention, as well as staff recruitment through improved brand awareness to the physio community.



Head start

Benefits for individuals

Benefits for organisations

Support physio students through university, helping them gain a better understanding of the career choices available to them.

Help organisations and providers increase their brand awareness to undergraduates and universities.

Help newly graduates get the job they really want and make the right choices early on in their career.

Help organisations create employment links with motivated newly graduated physiotherapists by providing a platform to reach out to them directly.

Help junior physios get the right CPD training according to their place of work, training needs and experience.

Help organisations identify training needs for junior staff, make sure junior staff are trained in line with organisation values and needs, and recruit junior staff knowing they have gone through essential training according to their experience.



Skill sharpener

Benefits for individuals

Benefits for organisations

Help physios and HCPs identify key CPD events and courses depending on their experience, place of work and needs.

Quality over quantity.

Help organisation identify key CPD events and courses depending on their staff needs and area of expertise.

Quality over quantity.

Help physios and HCPs monitor the effectiveness of CPD training.

Help organisations monitor the effectiveness of CPD training.

Provide affordable, targeted CPD training to HCPs.

Help organisations save resources by provide and advice on key, affordable CPD training targeted to their staff needs.




Benefits for individuals

Benefits for organisations

Help build a community of motivated HCPs and organisations, and provide the environment for them to grow, build on ideas and support each other.

Create fun, enjoyable, different physio and non-physio related events which help strengthen links between members, create networking and business opportunities, both with healthcare professionals but also individuals and businesses from other industries.

Help individuals and organisations connect via social media and other powerful computer-mediated tools, bringing traffic to their website and social accounts, to create, share, or exchange information, career interests and ideas.




Our strengths


We’re a team of young, motivated physios coming from different backgrounds, with fresh, new ideas to help drive the physio profession forward in this ever-changing healthcare climate.


We’ve got a broad skillset in our team, with solid clinical experience, but also specialised skills in areas such as research, evidence-based healthcare and clinical effectiveness.


In less than a year after launching QP, our awareness of and presence on selected social media platforms and aggressive advertising has allowed us to organise sold-out events in very limited time. Social media is a very powerful tool when it comes to brand awareness and marketing and we are confident we can use it to its full potential, helping our sponsors and clients bring traffic to their own social media platforms in the meantime.


Feedback on our seminars, 1:1 sessions and events has been overwhelmingly positive so far and we feel we can use this momentum to create a community of motivated professionals which will bring new revenue opportunities currently not explored in the healthcare industry.


As young, senior physios, we manage to position ourselves adequately between students and senior staff, between academic and clinical staff, understanding needs of all groups.


Coming from different countries, we can easily build links with physios from abroad wanting to train and work in the UK. This, we feel, will also bring new revenue and collaboration opportunities currently under-explored.