Get your own mentor and unlimited support from our team.

With the QP Membership, you can benefit from all our services, at anytime, for however long you need it.

As a member, you will get your own mentor who will be available at anytime to answer your questions, and to help at every step of your physiotherapy career. For a set fee each month, you will get access to all our services, unlimited.

Our membership gives you access to individual guidance from experienced, specialist physiotherapists - something other physiotherapy organisations cannot offer. That's why we limit the number of members we take on; because we want to make sure you always get a quick answer, from someone who actually knows you.

Have a look below at the benefits you get when you subscribe to our Membership.

£19 / month

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No contract. Cancel whenever you want. Restart whenever you want too.

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Membership Benefits

Your own mentor

You will be allocated a mentor from our team that matches your experience and career goals who you'll be able to contact at any time. You will also have access to the knowledge and experience of our entire team and the organisations we partner with, so you can always be sure to find an answer to your questions - from CPD to job search, from career guidance to interview preparation.

Call us, anytime

We can run individualised sessions at any point during your studies or early career - we can help you whether you're a first year student or a physio looking to get into more senior roles. Whatever your goals, we'll make sure you get access to the best resources to achieve them.

This is great as well for international physios and students looking to move to the UK and make sense of the whole process ahead of them.

Unlimited interview preparation

If you're currently applying for jobs or are planning to in the future - you will get access to all our interview preparation e-books. You'll also get the new versions of each pack sent to you as we update them as new content comes out.

You'll also be able to schedule one-to-one interview preparation sessions with your mentor or a member of our team anytime before an interview.

Unlimited CV and Personal Statement review

Our years of experience in helping physios find work and sitting on interview panels allow us to give you tailored, targeted advice, and help you write the perfect CV and application for the job you have in mind.

Your mentor will be available at anytime to review your CV, Personal Statement or LinkedIn Profile according to the jobs you're looking for.

Access to our network of employers

Our experience in the job market allows us to recommend the jobs and employers which would be the most appropriate for you and your professional goals. We’ll let you know how to best get in contact with them to maximise your chances of landing a job.

We’ve also partnered with trusted recruitment agents all over the country, with access to NHS and private jobs in all areas of Physiotherapy. When looking for a job, you'll get your own agent working for you, sending your details to the most relevant employers in the area and speciality you want to work in.

Help with CPD and training

Your mentor will help you find and select relevant CPD opportunities according to current objectives and career goals. We're constantly looking to partner with CPD providers and have a wide network of clinicians ready to provide one-on-one CPD when needed.

Your mentor will also help you reflect effectively on those experiences so you can include them in your HCPC application / CPD portfolio.


Access to practical sessions

If you want to go over techniques to prepare for your placement, interview or job; or simply need a bit of practice. We can run practical sessions in our clinic in London, should you need to brush up your manual skills. We have physios in all areas happy to practice with you and show you a wide range of techniques.

Your own career report

Your mentor will put together a report of your current career objectives and of your current "physio status" every 6 months. This will contain an action plan to follow up and advice on things like key CPD to undertake or what job to apply for.

£19 / month

Join the club.

No contract. Cancel whenever you want. Restart whenever you want too.

Subscribe via card or Paypal


As long as you want it to be. It could be a month, 3 months or 3 years... There's no contract or obligations when you sign up and you can stop whenever you'd like. And restart whenever you want too.

The monthly price may change in the future; however the price you get when you sign up will remain the same until you decide to cancel your membership - even if the price for new members changes.

These are two completely different memberships. The CSP membership provides PLI cover and workplace support. We provide individual career guidance and tailored support at any steps of your early career. We specialise in supporting physiotherapists after graduation and until they move onto more senior roles. As we limit the number of members we take on, we can truly provide a tailored experience.

Once you sign up you'll get allocated a mentor from our team and you'll get a intro email from them. Usually they'll arrange an initial Skype call with you to find out about your experience, goals and to design an action plan. And then it's ongoing support from then onwards!

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"I must say Nic is just ‘ACE’. The interview tips he gave me during the Skype call and the excellent feedback I had from him really helped me a lot. In the Skype call I highlighted that I was not very confident with On-Call respiratory work. Nic provided me with an On-Call Skills Ax sheet to reflect on my On-Call experience and to attach in my CPD portofolio / provide to the interview panel. He also provided me with On-Call Prompts which were brilliant for last minute revisions. It did not end there, because when Nic sent me the feedback, he offered to answer any further questions I had. I sent him a list of questions and he answered most of them (or left tips) for me to prepare for interview. I have now got the job. I firmly believe I would not have been able to get this job without the last minute help from QualifiedPhysio"

"Would recommend 1 to 1 practical. Newly qualified physio due to start band 5 msk job. They tailor a specific physio (based on their different expertise) to your needs. Clear, well explained, approachable and great opportunity to bounce ideas across and practise ax and treatment techniques. Full written session report provided after to save you from having to remember everything from the hour. A valuable resource and good to refresh on stuff with a physio who works day in day out in practise and explains it clearly and simply as oppose to getting bogged down with complicated reading. Will use again in future."