EU / International Packages

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"Moving to the UK" e-books | Our e-books written specifically for foreign-trained physios wanting to settle in the UK. They contains all sorts of tips and advice, from what to expect in terms of salary, to how job interviews work, what organisations you need to know about and how the UK healthcare system works (& much more).

CV and application review | We’ll help you write the best CV and application / personal statement for the job you’ve chosen.

All interview preparation packs relevant to your specialisation and future job | Each pack is written by one or more physios specialists in that area you’ll get access to actual interview questions and their answers explained, key references for the specific area & more useful content such as articles written by our physios, candidate interviews, etc.

2 x interview preparation Skype sessions 60 mins | 60min-sessions of one-to-one guidance where we can review everything from interview questions and answers (mock interviews) to job search and career advice, to get you ready for your future job / interview.

Access to employer list and contacts relevant to your job search | Our experience in the job market allows us to recommend the jobs and employers which would be the most appropriate for you and your professional goals. Our mentors will help you find jobs that provide visa sponsorship. We’ll let you know how to best get in contact with them to maximise your chances of landing a job. We’ll use our connections to get your CV in front of the employers that matter the most to you.

Own dedicated recruitment agent to help you with your job search | We’ve partnered with trusted recruitment agents all over the country, with access to NHS and private jobs in all areas of Physiotherapy. This option will allow you to have your own agent working for you, sending your details to the most relevant employers in the area and speciality you want to work in.

CPD Portfolio review and translation to UK standards | As a foreign-trained physiotherapist, it’s important that you demonstrate to your employer that your CPD (continuous professional development) is up to date and meets UK standards. We will review and help you build up your CPD Portfolio to ensure it can be shown to your employer in the interview.

Follow up once in employment | Once in the job, our team will follow-up after a month and after 3 months, to ensure everything is going smoothly according to plan. If you have identified any further needs which will help you in your job, such as CPD needs, we’ll help you meet them. If for some reason, you feel the job is not going well, we’ll support you there too.