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If you're an employer looking to share a job advert, you can do it here and reach to our community directly. By posting on our website you get:

  • your job advert displayed in our community section
  • a promoted/boosted post on our social media channels
  • your job advert sent to our email database
  • Premium listings only: your job advert printed in our interview packs and advertised in our one-to-one sessions to (relevant) potential candidates and in seminars (if any seminars are scheduled during that period).

Differences between standard and premium listings:

  • Standard listings are displayed in our community section for 2 weeks. Premium listings for up to 2 months.
  • Standard posts on our social media channels are promoted as one-off posts (you can choose the date of the promotion). Premium posts get continuous promotion for 2 weeks.
  • Standard listings are including in 2 emails to our subscribers. Premium listings get included in all our emails for up to 2 months.
  • Premium listings get printed in our interview packs for up to 2 months, and they can get recommended in our one-to-one sessions and seminars if we feel the job is relevant to the attendant(s).

Differences between a QualifiedPhysio job listing and a listing on any other job websites:

  • We don't just offer ad placement on a website and leave it there, we connect to a much deeper level to our community and potential candidates: through seminars, one-to-one sessions, interview preparation, career advice sessions, etc - we recommend jobs we believe will actually benefit our members. 
  • We are physios currently in practice, and we have specialists in all main areas of physiotherapy in our team. Potential candidates tend to trust the advice of peers, colleagues, and someone they know the face of much more than a stock website just listing off jobs. 
  • We offer a wide range of options for you to reach potential candidates: newsletters, interview packs (physios looking for jobs purchase these, couldn't get more targeted!), seminars, one-to-one sessions, Facebook and Twitter posts, etc. Not just a standard listing on a website.
  • We don't charge ridiculous prices for this. Companies sometimes ask £100s of pounds to list your job offer in their "premium" category (which often simply means being on the first page of their website). Yes, free listings are often an option, but often never reach anyone. Of course, we can't guarantee you'll find a candidate through us, but at least you won't have to invest a ridiculous amount of money for it.


Once you've completed your order, please reply to the confirmation email with the advert details, your contact details and how to apply. It's best if you have a picture or logo too.

Don't hesitate to email us for more information at