Paediatrics Physio interview preparation pack

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Our Paeds pack follows a specific format: 

  1. An overview of what interview questions for Paediatrics Physio posts generally include;
  2. Actual interview questions and answers for the specific area and their answers explained. Around 10 questions and answers per pack. These questions come from recent interviews and we update them regularly.
  3. A list of key references for the specific area, useful to quote in the interview but also to prepare for the rotation.
  4. An overview of what a band 5 / junior rotation in the area looks like and what to expect.
  5. And some more content such as articles written by our physios etc. 

NB: This pack is primarily designed for physios applying for band 5 positions but can also help for Band 6 paediatric physio interviews.


The packs will be sent via email in PDF format shortly after your order has been processed.

*If you prefer the paper copies please email us / message us before ordering.