Persistent Pain / Chronic Pain pack

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Here's our interview preparation pack looking specifically at Persistent pain and its management.

Physiotherapy is generally about restoring function to the human body – but what do we do with patients who report pain persisting well beyond established healing times? How can we be more efficient with those patients who not only present with spinal or peripheral pain but associated depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, low self efficacy and cardiovascular co-morbidities?

Modern healthcare systems have moved away from old biomedical models focusing solely on improving physical health, and the biopsychosocial model is promoted as the 21st century approach to rehabilitation. However, while the topic of persistent or chronic pain has been researched for decades, it remains one of the most complicated presentations to manage.

This pack is aimed at physiotherapists and healthcare professionals as well as students working or soon to be working with patients with persistent pain. It will introduce you to the topic of persistent pain and provide you with an insight into the complexities of managing this type of patient. We will discuss treatment approaches and available resources in addition to different frameworks and pathways you can use in your own clinical practice.


  • Introduction to persistent pain

  • Common persistent pain terminology

  • Management of persistent pain patients

  • Key points

  • Key research

  • Persistent pain interview questions and answers

  • Persistent pain rotation: what to expect

  • A unified theory of healthcare - how it all links together (sleep deprivation, mental and physical health)


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