Senior / Band 6 MSK interview preparation pack

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Here's our first band 6 / senior interview preparation pack. The same concept as our interview preparation packs for newly-graduates, just specific to specialist MSK interviews.


  • Band 6 Physio interviews overview      
  • Band 6 MSK interview questions and answers
  • The importance of becoming an evidence-based clinician
  • Some references for your interview and rotation
  • Private setting – what does the perfect MSK candidate looks like? Guest entry by Sam Wilde (Pure Sport Medicine)
  • The Art of Locuming
  • A unified theory of healthcare - how it all links together (sleep deprivation, mental and physical health)

Once ordered, the packs will be printed and posted to your address within 2 working days.) If you have any suggestions for an area which is not covered, don't hesitate to email or message us.