Non-Clinical interview preparation pack (senior level)

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We introduced our first Band 7 resource a couple years ago with our Band 7 MSK pack. Along with our other senior packs, it turned out to be pretty popular; however, you guys asked us to create an additional resource that looks deeper into the non-clinical aspect of senior roles, so you could prepare for those questions in your interview, but also your future non-clinical duties.

So here is our non-clinical preparation pack, a great addition to any of our Band 6 or 7 packs, or simply on its own if you wanted to be more aware of the bigger picture. We created this resource with all our senior physios in mind, in all clinical areas - not just MSK.

In this resource, we dig deeper into the non-clinical side of senior roles. It is designed for those of you wanting insight into managerial duties, leadership, research, quality improvement... It also looks at things such as your role as a senior clinician post-COVID, your understanding of the NHS, service improvement, and even CQC inspections!

 50 pages of non-clinical goodness! including...

  • Band 7 non-clinical interview questions & answers
  • Useful questions to ask the panel
  • Your non-clinical role as a senior clinician in a post-COVID era
  • Your understanding of the NHS: vital to fulfil your non-clinical duties
  • Getting into research
  • CQC inspections: a checklist for senior clinicians
  • Non-clinical duties: FAQ


The packs will be sent via email in PDF format shortly after your order has been processed.

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